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Indoor Golf League



We will run a TWO-PERSON BETTER BALL format to keep things interesting, and to keep each other accountable.

Once all teams have registered, the Golf Operations Staff will divide the teams into two divisions based on combined handicaps.

Each team will play NINE pre-determined 18-Hole matches against the other teams within their division. Each match will be worth a possible 3 points (see Scoring below). All matches will be pre-determined at the beginning of the season. Each team will have TWO WEEKS to complete each match.

The PLAYOFF FORMAT this year will change to a single knock-out "March Madness" style year-end tournament on SATURDAY, APRIL 1ST. The winner of this tournament will be crowned the 2023 SMGCC SIMULATOR MATCH PLAY CHAMPION.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline - Sunday, November 6th

League Play Start Date - Tuesday, November 15th

Year-End Tournament  – Saturday, April 1st


$65 + HST per month (five equal instalments from November-March)

**Includes $25 prize fee for year-end prizes**

What does the Fee Include?

  • 10 Rounds (Approx. 40 Hours) of Simulator League Golf
    • Based on a 4-person Round (4 hours)
  • 9 Weekly Payouts
    • TWO Cowbell Prize Packs
      • Awarded to the highest number of points achieved that week
      • Tie goes to the lowest Team NET Score
  • Final Prize Allotments
    • 1st Regular Season (Each Division): TWO $100 SMGCC Gift Cards
    • 1st Playoffs: "A Night in T.O." - TWO Toronto Blue Jays Tickets + Accommodations
    • 2nd Playoffs: TWO $150 Cowbell Gift Cards + TWO $150 SMGCC Gift Cards
    • Divisional Playoff Runner-Ups: TWO Cowbell Swag Bags

League Format

2-Person Better Ball is a golf format for teams comprised of two golfers. The two golfers play their own golf balls throughout the entire round and the lower score between them on each hole counts as the team score. For example, if Player A makes a 4 and Player B scores a 6 on the first hole, the team score on Hole 1 is 4.

To determine handicaps for the match, the four golfers (two per side) compare course handicaps. The lowest golfer plays off a 0 handicap, and the other three reduce their course handicaps by the same amount. For example, if the four handicaps are 3, 9, 16 and 22, then the 3-handicapper plays off 0 and the other three course handicaps are reduced by three, therefore becoming, 6, 13 and 19.

Regular Season Scoring System

All matches will be worth 3 points. One point for the winner of the first 9-hole match, one point for the second 9-hole match, and one point for the entire 18-hole match.

Playoff Tournament Format

The SMGCC Simulator Match Play Champion will be decided in a ONE DAY, "March Madness" style tournament on SATURDAY, APRIL 1ST

Each team will be seeded in their respective division based on the total number of points they accumulated over the 9 match season. Any divisional ties will be decided by the team with the highest number of 18-hole match wins. 

The format of the playoffs is a single knockout tournament. All matches, except for the final match, will be 3 holes. Any ties will be decided by a closest to the hole showdown.

The final match, consisting of the winner of each division, will be a 9-hole match. If there is a tie at the end of the 9-holes, the winner will be decided by sudden death. 

Extra Notes

Each set of matches will have the same conditions, set-up and course. This will be set up by Pro Shop Staff and pre-determined for each set of matches.

  • The gimmie range will be set to 5ft. for all matches
  • Max score on any hole is TRIPLE BOGEY.
  • All Points and Team Net Scores are to be emailed to Brandon at after the match is complete.

Making Tee-Times for League Play

Tee-times are required for League Play and can only be booked by calling the Pro Shop @ 519.284.3704 (ext. 1). Please specify that you are booking a time for league play.

League Play can be scheduled on any day of the week for any available playing time.


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