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Junior Golf Program

St. Marys Junior Golf Program

Growing the Game

Take a moment to watch an incredible video on two St. Marys Junior Golfers and their own personal 'Junior Golf Stories':

Jordan and Mitch grew up learning to play golf at the St. Marys Golf & Country Club and have gone on to win numerous regional golf tournaments. In 2016, Mitch participated in the International Junior Golf Championships in Florida, USA. Meanwhile, Jordan is currently on a golf scholarship in Ohio, USA. Their personal golf journeys started right here - at the St. Marys Golf & Country Club.

The Junior Golf Program

Here at the Club, we are committed to providing a safe, active and fun golf environment for junior golfers. We have created a tailored program focused on providing the best growth opportunities for junior golfers, not just as golfing athletes, but as future community participants and leaders. Golf provides Nine Core Values, as featured in our Blog Post, including Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Confidence (among others), proving why the lessons we learn from golf become so valuable throughout our lives.

By combining the three essential 'ABC' junior golf pillars, we aim to provide the best opportunity for our junior golfers, as follows:

A. 'Learn' the Game – through proper golf lessons,

B. 'Practice' the Game – through a fun, coached golf league, and

C. 'Enjoy' the Game – with a golf membership for the full 2023 golf season

In order to ensure that each junior golfer gets the most of this opportunity, we have created the 'Ultimate Junior' golfer experience. The three ABC components packaged into a program that teaches them the game and most importantly, gets juniors playing golf!

The 'Ultimate Junior' Golfer

'The ultimate junior golf program combining the three ABC pillars into one package, at an incredible value, that will get your junior golfer playing properly and more often' - Kellen Fifield, CGTF Certified Golf Coach

What It Entails: The ‘ULTIMATE Junior’ Golf Membership is the ultimate golf package for aspiring golfers! We are committed to providing a safe, active and fun environment for children, by combining the three essential ABC golf pillars to their growth, into one package: A. 'Learn' the Game – through proper golf lessons, B. 'Practice' the Game – through a fun, coached golf league, and C. 'Enjoy' the Game – with a golf membership for the full 2024 golf season.

What the ‘Ultimate Junior’ Package Includes:

  1. Junior Golf League (Monday afternoons): $110 value
  2. Junior Golf Camp (select your junior's week): $140 value
  3. Junior Golf Membership$410 value

Total Value = $660 for ONLY $475 + HST (Save over $185!)

Who Is This For: Junior Golfers ages 8 to 17 (Note: junior golfer must have participated in our Intro Golf Camp lessons previously)

Where Does This All Happen: St. Marys Golf & Country Club

When Can the Kids Play Golf: ‘Ultimate Juniors’ get to play golf ALL Season!*

Register Online Now

and Download Waiver Form

The Junior Golf League

What It Entails: Included with the Ultimate Junior package, a weekly golf program for kids to play golf and enjoy fun golf-related activities in a team atmosphere. Ultimate Juniors will enjoy the game of golf with fellow juniors on the actual golf course, participating in fun games and mini competitions.

When Does The League Happen: One day per week starting the first Monday in July for eight (8) weeks

Who Can Participate: Boys and Girls Ages 8 to 17 who have already participated in our Golf Camp in a previous year (i.e. cannot be a beginner golfer) and are Ultimate Junior members.

Junior Golf Camps

Beginner (Intro)
What It Entails
Introductory Golf Lessons targeted towards beginner golfers (in a Group Setting)
Golf Lessons to take the next step (in a Group Setting)
Who Can Participate
Junior golfers (boys and girls) ages 6 to 14 that are in the learning stages of golf
Junior golfers (boys and girls) ages 8 to 14 that have participated in at least one summer Golf Camp previous and are registered as 'Ultimate Juniors'
Where does Golf Camp Take Place
At the St. Marys Golf & Country Club - Juniors meet at the practice green each morning
At the St. Marys Golf & Country Club - Juniors meet at the practice green each morning
When does Golf Camp Take Place

From 8:30am to 12:30pm (select from six options)

From 8:30am to 12:30pm 
(select from two options)
How Much Does it Cost
$140 + HST per junior golfer (also includes lunch)
Included in Ultimate Junior package (see above)
Register Online Now
See 'Ultimate Junior' above for registration instructions

and Download Waiver Form

*Mondays to Thursdays anytime and starting at 2pm Friday through Sunday (unless accompanied by an 'Adult' member / ages 40+)


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