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Back in 2012, local entrepreneur and philanthropist Rob Staffen, his son Matt, and a few close friends were enjoying a day of cycling in Joshua Tree National Park, Palm Springs, California. As many have experienced, life can change in a split second, which is exactly what occurred on that very day. Rob fell off his bike at a high speed and suffered a severe brain injury. Through a strong mental fortitude combined with wonderful care at both the Stratford General Hospital and Parkwood Hospital in London, Ontario, Rob is on his way to an amazing recovery.

Rob’s family and friends have learned, first hand, how little we actually knew about mental health and traumatic brain injuries. Through Rob’s recovery, we have realized that we could take this knowledge and build our resources towards helping others. Rob & Sharon Staffen, alongside their three children: Julia, Matt and Candra decided to start the Brain & Mind Matters (BAMM) Community Fund as a way to give back. Over the past few years, the relentless BAMM committee has raised nearly $400,000 for mental health and brain injuries AND with the support of the Cowan Foundation and RBC, have granted out over $105,000 with a focus on outpatient care in these two areas.


Our vision is to support mental health and traumatic brain injuries by putting the proceeds of donations towards a community fund held through the Stratford Perth Community Foundation.

Our desire is twofold: to support outpatient care for individuals suffering from traumatic brain injuries through Parkwood Hospital in concert with the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance. Second, our vision is to help provide funding and ongoing support for mental health via local agencies in Perth County. Approximately 20% of Canadians will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their lifetime, with another 50% suffering in the dark, without support.


For more information on the Community Fund, please contact the following:

Name: Rob Staffen Matt Staffen
Telephone: 519.857.7985 519.949.7726

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