The Battle of Gowanbrae | 2020 - St. Marys Golf & Country Club

The Battle of Gowanbrae | 2020

July 15, 2020

The Battle of Gowanbrae | 2020

Member-Member Golf Event 

Rules Sheet

Each team will play four (4) 9-hole matches, over the weekend, against four (4) different opponents:

  1. In each 9-hole match, there are four separate matches worth one (1) point each [a total of four (4) points available: three (3) x 3-hole matches PLUS one nine-hole match]:
    • On the Front Nine: one point for each of 1-2-3, then 4-5-6, then 7-8-9, and one point for 1-9.
    • On the Back Nine: one point for each of 10-11-12, then 13-14-15, then 16-17-18, and one point for 10-18.
    • It is a cumulative 9-hole match, so even if you win two of the 3-hole matches, you may not necessarily win the 9-hole match.
  2. The team with the most points in your division, over the weekend, qualifies for the shoot-out. Note:
    • Advise your division leader of points after each match (note: the division leaders will be selected before the tournament starts). The division leader will keep the accumulative point totals.
    • First tie breaker is head-to-head match and if still tied, there will be a closest to the hole competition from 100 yards to the green.
  3. The Battle of Gowanbrae “Shoot-Out”: There will be two (2) shoot-outs, all starting on Hole #1. Note:
    • Handicap shots awarded where applicable.
    • The Ladies shoot-out will be played on Hole #1 and will be a sudden-death one hole shoot-out.
    • The Men’s shoot-out will involve six teams over three holes. Two teams will be eliminated on Hole #1, two teams on Hole #2, and one team on Hole #3 to determine the overall B.O.G. champion.
    • All ties decided by a chip-off.
  4. Prize Winnings – Prizes distributed by the appointed leader of your division, as follows:
    1. 1st = $150
    2. 2nd = $100
    3. 3rd = $50

The game is a Net Best Ball:

  1. Each team takes their best net score versus your competitor’s best score. Note:
    • If you are not going to be your team’s lower score, or not beat your opponent, pick up and move on. Your score means nothing in match play.
    • Please be aware of your gross score and net score on each hole, at all times. Your opponents can ask, at any stage, how many shots you have taken.
  2. The lower net score wins the hole – otherwise the hole is halved. Note:
    • Both teams should keep score and agree the won/loss/tie of each hole before teeing off on next hole.
  3. Please agree to the number of shots per player, before you play, and enter on each team’s scorecard. Note:
    • The process for shots is based on your handicap, in comparison to the lowest handicap in the foursome. The lowest handicap gets zero shots. The other three players get their shots by subtracting their handicap against the lowest handicap. For example:
      • If the lowest handicap among the four players is a 16 handicap and you are a 20 handicap, then you get two (2) shots over 9 holes. If the third player is a 24 handicap, then they get four (4) shots over 9-holes. If the fourth player is a 27 handicap, then they get 5.5 shots over 9 holes.
    • Ladies will take extra strokes where they come on the scorecard. For example:
      • If you have a 24 handicap you get a shot on each hole and six (6) shots on the lowest handicap holes on the scorecard (Reminder: these are 9-hole matches so only take three extra shots in this example).
    • A ½ shot means that if you tie on your gross score you win if you have a ½ shot. If you get beat by one shot (gross) you lose.


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