Member Letter | 2024 – St. Marys Golf & Country Club

Dear Valued SMGCC Members,


SMGCC extends a warm welcome to all our new and returning members for the 2024 season. We deeply appreciate your ongoing support, which is invaluable to us. Be sure to stay tuned for a lineup of exciting events planned throughout the year, with details shared via our monthly e-blasts. Get ready for a season filled with fun and camaraderie!

As we transition into the golf season, we would like all of our members to be aware of the exciting things happening at the club this season.


For the fifth year in a row we are set to sell out of Anytime Memberships. We will continue to cap the Anytime Memberships at 200 in order to keep tee-times available for members. We will continue to sell 4X7 and Junior Memberships throughout the entire season. Please see a breakdown of YTD membership numbers below:

Anytime Memberships (189)

142 | With Cart

47   | Walking

4X7 Memberships (70)

50   | With Cart

20  | Walking

Junior Memberships (40)


Golf Carts

The most common feedback that we received last year was about our aging golf cart fleet. Some of the EZ-Go carts did not meet our premium standards, and therefore we have invested in our cart fleet, purchasing 25 NEW Yamaha EFI golf carts to match the other Yamaha golf carts already in our fleet. This will bring our total to 61 Yamaha golf carts, and only 14 EZ-Go golf carts, which means that we will all be riding in style this year.

The Turf team has also removed some of the extra attachments on the golf carts, providing our membership with a uniform fleet that provides the same premium feel for each cart.

Pumphouse Main Valve

The pumphouse main valve needed to be replaced due to multiple leaks behind and in the pumphouse. Last year, Red Rock was able to excavate the main valve and surrounding lines, and we were able to replace the lines, valves and fittings to run back into the pump house. A temporary z-pipe that connects the pumphouse to the main lines was also installed while a new cast z-pipe was being built for us over the 2023 season. The new z-pipe is ready to be installed and the project should be complete in the next month. After everything is hooked back up, the Turf team will cover and seed the work area.

On-Course Signage

We have continued to invest in new signage around the course that will help elevate us to the next level. The new signage includes:

  1. New hole signage on each of the 18 holes was installed back in June 2023. Check them out, and please remember to use the QR code on each of the signs to view the hole flyovers.
  2. New yellow/black flagsticks have been installed on each of the 18 greens  to help players see the flagstick from longer distances. These flagsticks also have the reflectors in the middle of the sticks so it is easier to peg yardages with range finders.
  3. New SMGCC logo’d flags on each of the 18 holes. The flags will still be red, white and blue, but will now include our logo.
  4. All of the directional signage around the course, including cart directions, hole directions, and any other instructions have been updated to create a uniform appearance. New plastics were ordered and all decals were updated.

 Tree & Brushline Cleanup

The Turf Team, with the assistance of Rushton Custom Services, has started to clean up a few areas of overgrown brush around the course. This year we were able to tackle hole #8 and #11 riverbanks, both of which were overgrown and beginning to come into play. By cleaning these areas up we have accomplished cleaner sightlines of the course, and have improved the airflow and sunlight on the holes to assist with fairway and green growth. 

You will also notice that there were a few major trees that needed to be removed on the course, and around the clubhouse, this off-season.

Unfortunately, the large willow on #6 split in two after a snap-freeze in January, and 3 of the 4 trunks needed to be removed. There is still one main trunk remaining, but our arborist has let us know that it is likely going to need to be removed sometime in the near future. We will begin planting a few more trees this summer to block the lane on the right of the willow. The large poplar on the right of #15 fairway was also removed this winter, as it was dead at the top of the tree and it was becoming a safety hazard with large branches falling off. And last, but not least, we unfortunately had to remove the large pine tree in the parking lot, as it was struck by lightning last season, and was quickly dying ever since.

Cart Paths

Another exciting project that was completed this Spring is the cart path that extends from #8 tee-block to #8 green, and will also extend from #9 tee-blocks to #9 green. This will be a shared cart path located in between the each of the holes in the alley of trees.

Parking Lot Paving

The gravel parking lot was given it's first coat of pavement in the summer of 2023, and had a final coat applied at the end of April 2024. Lines were also painted on the pavement to help organize the parking lot and provide more parking spaces for our guests. 


At SMGCC, we are committed to staying at the forefront of golf technology. We consistently integrate new features across the our platforms to enhance the golfer's experience.

Hole Flyovers

Hole flyovers are a great marketing tool for the course, and also help players that have never played the hole see it before hitting their first shot. Over the course of the 2022 & 2023 season, we were able to film and edit a hole flyover for all 18 holes of SMGCC.

You are able to see each of the hole flyovers on our Course Tour webpage, by scanning the QR code that is located on our scorecards, and also by scanning the QR code that will be on each of the new hole signs on the course.

Golf Canada Handicap System

There have been a few changes made to the World Handicap System. Please see the changes below. 

  • When you post a 9-hole score, Golf Canada will automatically calculate an 18-hole Score Differential for the round, based on the player’s 9-hole score differential and expected Score based on their current Handicap Index. This allows the 9-hole rounds to be considered in the player’s Handicap Index calculation right away, without waiting for another 9 hole round to be played.
    • Rounds will also be counted when you have only played 10-17 holes.
  • Golfers will now have to enter their scores hole-by-hole, as entering your total score at the end of the round will no longer be an option. This will increase the accuracy of score differentials if all 18 holes are not played. 

League Software

Golf Genius is the program that we started using in 2022 for our Men’s and Ladies’ Leagues. The program was not user friendly, and we continued to have issues throughout the past two season. Therefore, we are in the process of transitioning to a new league software called SMART Golf, which we’ve found to be more user-friendly due to a simpler interface for organizing our leagues and scoring.

Chronogolf Accounts & SMSocial Rewards Program

We have started to leverage the Chronogolf Software more frequently over the past couple of years and have implemented a few more integrations that you will be able to access on your Chronogolf accounts this season.

As per usual, you will be able to book tee-times and view your house accounts, but there are a few new features to be aware of.

  1. SMSocial Loyalty Points are now visible to you in real time in your chronogolf account. You will be able to see how many points you collect on each purchase that you make. If you would like to use your “SMSocial Loyalty Points”, please tell the golf shop attendant or your server at Social 31.
  2. Last year we introduced the “Credit Books” function to each of our leagues, along with the Match Play events. The winnings for the Men’s League, Ladies’ League and each of the Match Play events will be placed in the players “Credit Book” for them to use on golf shop items, green fees, carts or food and beverage from Social 31. You will also be able to access your winnings from the “Credit Books” tab in your Chronogolf account. If you would like to use your “Credit Books”, please tell the golf shop attendant or your server at Social 31.


Men's & Ladies' Leagues

The Men’s League was given a significant overhaul in 2022, and we believe that it is in a much better place compared to where it was a few years ago. That being said, the Men’s League committee heard a few concerns from the changes that were made last year, and acted on them to help improve the league in 2023. Please visit our Men’s League webpage for more details.

Furthermore, significant changes have been made to the Ladies’ League for the 2024 season. We sent out a survey in the off season with the hopes of gaining feedback in order to improve the league and encourage more participation. We have taken all of the comments and concerns into consideration, and have made the following major changes. 

  • Reduction in the Ladies' League Fee: There will only be one Ladies' League Membership type this year, which will be $50 for members and $55 for public players. There will also be optional weekly $2 games, but only if the league member is interested in participating.
  • More Social Nights: Multiple events have been added to the schedule to increase participation in various formats. 

Match Play

We are excited to announce that SMGCC match play will continue this season. Registration closes on Monday, May 6th, so be sure to sign up soon.

Sunday Funday

We will be replacing our Friday 9 & Dines with the Sunday Funday promotion this season. The promotion will include TWO 9 holes + cart, and the choice of any 3 appetizers on our Social 31 menu for $100 +tax. Come out on a Sunday with any of your friends, enjoy the patio, and order a few apps!


Member Feedback

We are excited to announce that we will be rolling out a new way to survey our golfers this year, more often and in real time. There is now an integration available through Lightspeed that allows us to automatically email a short survey to each golfer that plays the course. Your opinion matters, and each month we will be taking the data that is collected and will make adjustments if needed.

We will start sending these surveys at the beginning of June, so keep your eyes peeled, and we appreciate your feedback in advance.


We are proud to announce that we have gone into a partnership with Broken Rail, and will be branding an exclusive SMGCC beer this season called GOWANBEER. This beer pays homage to the land that the golf course is situated on and celebrates all of the golf experiences that were had in our 93 year history.

Patio 19 Upgrade

Our Golfer's Patio, is undergoing transformative enhancements:

  • A new sign was installed last year.
  • Engineering and design work for a new patio layout, including canopy, have been completed.
  • Renderings of the proposed patio design can be seen below.

Construction will commence in the coming years, as we focus on investment priorities, particularly golf carts, cart paths, and on-course improvements. In the meantime, the patio railings were upgraded to match our corporate brand through sandblasting and painting, which took place in April.

Please see a rendering of the new Golfer's Patio below.



We will be hosting various club events throughout the year to enhance your membership experience. Please read through the offerings below.

Men’s League Opening Scramble + Lunch

Wednesday, May 5th

Men's League Draft Wednesday, May 8th

Men’s League (1st Scoring Night)

Wednesday, May 15th

Two-Man Scramble

Saturday, May 11th

Ladies League (1st Scoring Night)

Tuesday, May 14th

Ladies’ League Scramble

Tuesday, May 28th

Sr. Men's Invitational

Wednesday, May 29th

Battle of Gowanbrae

Friday, July 12th - Saturday, July 13th

Men’s Invitational 

Saturday, July 27th

Mixed Scramble

Thursday, August 15th

Club Championships

Saturday, August 17th - Sunday, August 18th

Junior Club Championship

Tuesday, August 20th

Ladies’ Fall Scramble

Thursday, September 12th

Mixed Glow Golf

Friday, September 13th

Men's League Closing

Sunday, September 29th

Ladies' League Closing

Tuesday, September 24th

Three-Man Scramble

Sunday, October 6th


For those interested in charging to a House Account, please know that we will continue to offer this option for members. When purchasing items in the Golf Shop, restaurant, or bar, you have the option to charge to a personal House Account. 

In order to do this, we require a mandatory, active credit card on file. Please visit the Golf Shop to provide an updated credit card for the season, if you have not already. House Account payments are made on the 5th of the month following. We kindly ask that you wait for a receipt and that you sign off on ALL House Account purchases, before leaving the clubhouse. A mandatory 15% gratuity will be added to each purchase, to reward our staff for their service.

Thank you again for all of your continued support, and we hope to see you at the course soon!


The SMGCC Golf Team


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