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Offseason Golf Fitness near Stratford and London


Testimonial (from Club Member Dave S)

"In the offseason prior to the 2010, 2011, and 2012 golf seasons I had the fortune of working on golf specific training with Cyril. The initial physical screening allowed for a unique tailored program focusing on areas where my functional movement was weak.  Once my flexibility and functional movements improved, we incorporated strength training.  At the peak of my training in 2012 I was stronger, in the best cardiovascular shape of my life and nearly 30lbs lighter.  On the golf course this resulted in more physical and mental endurance, increased confidence and better play!  There is no question this was a major contributing factor to my success in winning the 2011 and 2012 Club Championships."


A healthy and efficient body can have an enormous impact on the golf swing. In fact, poor conditioning is one of three factors which lead to an inefficient golf swing – the others being poor equipment and poor mechanics.

The St Marys Golf & Country Club has partnered with Certified Golf Fitness Instructor Cyril Moss of Stonetown Physiotherapy to offer a 8 session offseason golf conditioning program for St. Marys, Stratford, London and area golfers, designed to improve a player’s power, strength, flexibility and swing efficiency. Be warned, other possible side effects of the golf fitness program may include a reduced risk of injury, a more consistent swing, improved energy and better overall health!

At the start of the program, players will be assessed using several golf specific functional tests to determine their physical limitations and understand how they affect the golf swing – these functional tests were first developed at the Titleist Performance Institute. Over the following 10 weeks, corrective exercise will be introduced to improve muscle and joint mobility required by an optimal golf swing, as well the strength and stability of the shoulders, torso and hip girdle that generate power in a golf swing.

The 8 class (10 week) session begins Thursday January 7th, 2015 at the St Marys Golf & Country Club. Sign up in the ProShop or Sign up Online by clicking above!

  • Those who register before December 17th, 2015 will receive a FREE TPI Screen (a $50 value absolutely FREE!)




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