Junior Golf League of Huron Perth

July 31, 2017

Junior Golf League of Huron Perth

Local Golf Courses Join Forces to Create Fun Golf Competition

The goal? To grow golf in our local area! The Junior Golf League of Huron Perth is in the midst of its inaugural season. Four Southwestern Ontario courses, including the St. Marys Golf & Country Club, Stratford Country Club, Stratford Municipal, and River Valley have teamed up to create a fun golf competition where junior golfers compete against one another in a team-vs-team format.

‘The Junior Golf League’ (JGL) of Huron Perth: a group of local golf courses that have come together to form junior golf teams that will compete in a fun golf league throughout the summer. The goal of the league is to come together in fostering the future golfers and leaders of tomorrow in Huron-Perth. The league brings together boys and girls, 14 and under, of all abilities. Local golf advocates who will be responsible for creating a welcoming environment while developing skills and core values of the young golfers will captain the teams.

Foundation of the Junior Golf League (JGL)

Schedule – each golf course / team hosts a one-day golf event, as follows:

  • Tuesday, July 18th - The Muni
  • Wednesday, July 26th - River Valley
  • Sunday, August 13th - Stratford Country Club
  • JGL Championship: Monday, August 28th - St. Marys Golf & Country Club 

Number of Team Members / Golfers – for the first season there are 8 golfers per course competing, broken down as follows:

  • Novice Division (Ages 9-10): 2 team members / golfers
  • Peewee Division (Ages 11-12): 2 team members / golfers
  • Bantam Division (Ages 13-14): 2 team members / golfers
  • Midget Divison (Ages 15-16): 2 team members / golfers

Food – the host golf course is responsible for feeding the participants (golfers and captains) at each event

Captains / Coaches – each golf course team has a team coach / captain (adult) that coaches each course's team!

Format of the JGL

Team vs. Team – similar to the PGA Jr. League Golf (www.pgajlg.com/format), each team plays one another throughout the season in a team vs. team ‘scramble’ format, with the league championship determining 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place. For example:

  • Tournament 1: Team A vs. Team B and Team C vs. Team D
  • Tournament 2: Team A vs. Team C and Team B vs. Team D
  • Tournament 3: Team A vs. Team D and Team B vs. Team C
  • Tournament 4 (League Championship): 1st Place vs. 2nd Place and 3rd Place vs. 4th Place

Matches – each game is played in 9-holes, broken down into 3-hole matches. Four points are awarded per game, one point per each 3-hole match, plus one additional point for the overall game.

Points – there are two games per division (teams of two players), meaning there are eight (8) games each tournament. Overall, there are 32 points available per tournament, with each team able to gain a maximum 16 points per tournament.

Prizes – each golf course contributes money towards prizes, which are given out at the very last event ("Tour Championship")

Trophy – each golf course is contributing money to a trophy, which will be awarded to the Championship Team

What Else Should You Know?

Team Uniforms – players dress in appropriate golf attire (golf shirt and pants or shorts) and each team wears a different coloured team golf shirt!

Future ‘Divisions’ – as the players grow / progress through the JGL system, we anticipate adding 15-16 and 17-18 Age Divisions in future JGL seasons

Player Selection – courses had tryouts picked their team members based on a combination of:

  1. Skill – has participated in your course’s junior golf camp,
  2. Passion for the Game – loves the game of golf and is advocate for local golf in Huron-Perth,
  3. Etiquette – follows and respects the rules and ethics of the game of golf, and
  4. Participation – plays the game on a regular basis with the goal of making golf an principal part of his/her life (whether to support business, social or professional career)

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