Wedding Story #2 | St. Marys Dream Wedding | Venue and Ceremony – St. Marys Golf & Country Club

Olivia & Greg | Married September 13, 2014

Neen Bean Wedding Photography


Sometimes things just happen effortlessly. For Greg and I that is exactly how it all started. We shared several mutual friends, grew up in neighbouring small towns (Greg is from St. Marys, and I grew up in Stratford, Ontario), and we always seemed to end up in the same places; so, falling in love was what most would call fate.

 After being with Greg for a year, we decided to buy our first house together in his hometown, which is where I opened my own business as well. Just four short years later, Greg and I bought our second home together in St. Marys, knowing that it was where we wanted to settle together as a couple and grow as a family. St. Marys was never a place I thought I would live in, originally being from Lake of the Woods, but I couldn’t be happier now that this is where life has brought us. And my little piece of northern Ontario is now something Greg and I enjoy together, with spending most of our vacation time away at cottages up North, and Greg enjoying fishing as his favourite hobby.

 When we reached our 5th anniversary that December, we were in the middle of a kitchen renovation; something we had been working on together. Amidst the “ruins” of the kitchen, Greg got down on one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?” I was very surprised (as it was not something I had been expecting), and also very happy to be sharing such a special moment in the house we hope to call a home for a very long time.

 When we were making decisions for our wedding day, there wasn’t too much to think about when it came to choosing our location. We both knew that St. Marys was the only place we would want to hold our wedding, and that doing so would create another memorable experience together in the town we love.

 St. Marys Presbyterian Church was chosen for our ceremony, as this is where Greg’s Grandparents were married many years ago, and where his Mom and Stepdad currently attend. With also growing up as a member of a Presbyterian church myself, choosing this spot for our ceremony was a way for us to both honour our families.

 We considered four different venues, but easily narrowed it down to the St. Marys Golf & Country club, as we had heard such great reviews about the food and accommodating staff from many locals. Being a small business owner in St. Marys myself, it was very important to me that local vendors were chosen to play an important role in our wedding day, which was a decision that made our day even better than we imagined!

 Our wedding rehearsal was held at Greg’s Mom, Jo-anne, and Stepdad, Alan’s house. It was a great evening, and an excellent way to begin the weekend’s festivities. The girls and I then went back to my parents place in Stratford, where we watched a movie and just relaxed. The next morning, while the girls and I were getting ready together in Stratford, the guys had planned to go golfing at the St. Marys Golf & Country Club. Unfortunately rain delayed their golf plans, so they just hung out and Greg opened the gift I had got for him. I had put a lot of thought into Greg’s gift, wanting to tie his favorite hobby into the celebration of our union. So, I had a custom Kingpin float fishing reel made in the UK, engraved with our wedding date and the serial number 1 of 1, which symbolizes my support for something that makes him so happy.

 Before the ceremony, the girls and I went to the Golf Club for some photos in their Bridal Suite, where my Dad joined us as well. The suite itself is such an elegant and comfortable space to relax in, and the pictures that resulted from our mini photo shoot are just stunning. Any bride using this space in the future will definitely be lucky to do so! It’s the perfect, glamourous little home away from home. Not to mention that the Club’s Wedding & Event Manager, Ashton, was very thoughtful with all the details she added to the space, making the day that much more special. She honestly did not miss a beat!

 Just in time for the ceremony, the rain cleared up! Having the ceremony at the church was simple and intimate, which was important to us, with both being shy in front of large groups of people. Again, to try and incorporate Greg’s love of fishing, we did a tying of the knot ceremony. The knot is now framed and hanging in our kitchen, where he proposed!

 We had gone into the Golf Club the day before our wedding, to decorate the banquet hall, which they were very happy to accommodate. The staff even made some great suggestions that really added to the personal touch we were going for. Of course, not much decorating was needed, as we were fortunate enough to use the beautiful and newly renovated space. At the time we booked our wedding, we didn’t know exactly how the hall would look after the renovation, but we were absolutely blown away with the results.

 Upon entering the hall for our first introduction as Mr. & Mrs. Meta, we were overwhelmed by how amazing the space looked that night, especially with the complimentary décor we chose and the happy faces that filled the room. We are so lucky to have such supportive friends and family, especially the four friends we each chose to stand beside us, and all the people that joined us in both presence and spirit. It could not have been a more perfect moment in a more perfect setting.

 The rest of our wedding day was filled with great food, music, laughter, atmosphere, and, of course, memorable moments! A special thank you to the staff at the St. Marys Golf & Country Club for everything they did to make our dream day all that it was. With very little effort on our part, we were able to create the day exactly how we wanted, as the staff and their planning process were so well organized. Our wedding was a day we will always remember, and we truly feel that anyone who chooses to use this venue in the future will be very lucky and very happy!


Story by Olivia Meta

Photography by Nina Polidoro of Neen Bean Photography

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