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Play Golf Course in Stratford and London and Area

This is the place for all things golf.  Please select one of the following links:

Golf Course Tour
Check out each golf hole, with a description, map, yardages and photos from the golf course. 

Book A Tee Time
The quickest route to playing a round of golf at one of Southwestern Ontario's best semi-private and public golf courses. 

Online Pro Shop
Our online golf store featuring golf Memberships, golf Anytime Game Packs, and a growing selection of golf merchandise.

Golf Tournaments
A description and listing of the open Club Golf Tournaments we host throughout the golf season. Host your own golf Tournament or sign up online for one of St. Marys Golf's great golf events. 

Social Golf
There is an organized golf game every day during the week, so there is no excuse not to play golf. 

Golf Memberships
Enjoy the benefits of golf Membership. Choose the golf Membership option that fits you and buy it online here. 

Golf Lessons
Golf Pro Len Foran offers his services to improve your golf game. Find out here how to sign up for golf Lessons. 

Last Minute Round Club
Like cheap golf? Sign up for our Last Minute Round Club and enjoy cheap golf at St. Marys. Discount golf rounds are randomly selected dates and times. 

Golf Contest
Who said you can't get something for free? Find out how to win free golf in our monthly golf Contests.