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In the next couple of weeks, we will be releasing our new Golf App from EZLinks and Gallus Golf! We will be one of the the first golf courses in our area, including Stratford and London, to release the new golf app. The St. Marys Golf & Country Club Golf App, from EZLinks and Gallus Golf will offer golfers the ability to do the following:

  1. GPS - accurate and customized GPS yardage system for our golf course. The app will provide full tee-to-trouble GPS mapping (not just to the center of the green) in user friendly interface. Golfers can even measure their shot through the app.
  2. Tee Times - when you download our new golf course app on your smartphone, you are only a few taps away from booking your next tee time at the St. Marys Golf & Country Club, without having to go on the internet or make a phone call.
  3. Messaging - choose the option to receive push notifications and you will be alerted to promotions or updates at our golf course in a matter of seconds.
  4. Food & Beverage - our clubhouse grill menu will be in you pocket at all times. As a golfer, you will be reminded through the app to put in your order before the turn, so it's ready when you get to hole 10!
  5. Live Scoring - the digital scorecard will golfers to track your game with friends. Supports gross/net formats like Skins, Stableford, Stroke, and Par scoring. Plus you can even upload your score to Facebook to show your friends and family how will you are doing out on the golf course!
  6. Plus much more...

Once we go live, we will let you, as golfers, know where and how to download the NEW St. Marys Golf & Country Club app. The newest and coolest thing in golf!

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Mike Kochanowski
Mike Kochanowski

July 07, 2015

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