The Golf Blog: Soccer + Golf = FootGolf

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FootGolf StratfordFootGolf – a combination of soccer and golf – is taking off across the world, now played in 22 countries. There are over 300 FootGolf courses in North America alone and the sport is growing - so say the FootGolf associations around the world, looking to grow the sport. The Canadian FootGolf Association (CFGA) is one of the groups trying to get soccer golf off the ground (no pun intended). FootGolfers, in many ways, are a lot like golfers: they somewhat dress like golfers (they wear argyle), they use a round ball, and the goal is to get the ball into a round white cup at the bottom of a flagpole. However, many golfers, in Ontario and around the world, are not yet convinced. 

The game of FootGolf has gained traction as the number of new golf courses taking on the sport, with both 9- and 18-hole golf course designs, increases. The goal of introducing FootGolf, according to many sources, is to get more people looking at the game of golf again. And of course, there is hope for a revenue increase from the operators. Even the PGA of America says this may be a way to get new societies introduced to the game of golf. And who can blame these golf courses, there are millions of registered soccer players in places like St. Marys, Stratford and across North America and across the globe. Soccer is the world's biggest sport after all and soccer fanatics are "soccer crazy"! 

FootGolfers wear turf shoes (or running shoes) and kick a ball on modified (shortened) golf holes before trying to put the soccer ball into a 21" wide white golf hole placed off the green (that's right, no reason for Superintendant Sandy to worry about her beautiful golf greens!). The cost to get into the game of FootGolf is inexpensive - you only need to show up with shoes, and a soccer ball. You can even dress like a golfer - argyle socks and sweater vests, golf shirts, and old-fashioned golf caps are the common FootGolf of choice. The question is: will all this hype lead to more golfers?

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October 15, 2015

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