President's Cup 2014 | Results

Team World Takes the Title at the Two-Day Golf Event

President's Cup Senior Men's Golf EventTeam World snatched the President's Cup from Team Canada early last week at the St. Marys Golf and Country Club, winning by a whopping 18 and a half points to five and a half points. Team Canada captain Bill Chmura was forced to hand over the Earl Staffen Memorial Trophy - Seniors President's Cup - to Team World captain Ken Telfer last Tuesday afternoon. The local President's Cup golf event features two 16-man teams -- all Senior-age golfers. Team Canada won the inaugural two-day event last years at the St. Marys Golf Club. This year, the outcome wasn't in doubt after Team World grabbed a six-and-a-half points to one-and-a-half points lead after the first day of ball striking. Team members are selected from Club members that come from all over Southwestern Ontario, including Stratford, London and areas.

The format used the first day (Monday) was the Modified Chapman System (team play). In the Chapman System, both players on a side tee off, then they switch balls. Player A plays Player B's drive, and vice-versa. Each player hits his or her second shot. They then select the best of the second shots, and from that point until the ball is holed they play only one ball in an alternate-shot format.

The second day (Tuesday) was all head-to-head singles matches. Team World won by a huge 12 to four points margin.

"I don't know, maybe it was the good players I selected," Telfer said with a laugh when asked why Team World won by such a convincing margin this year. "What contributed to the team's success? It was the team. They played well," he added.

Chmura thanked the St. Marys Golf Club for the great condition of the golf course. "We really appreciate Sandy (Fifield) and her crew for having the course in fabulous shape," Chmura said. "Yes, we did get smoked this year, but we're really looking forward to the rubber match in 2015. 

"We also look forward to expanding this event a little bit. We went from 24 (golfers) to 32, and I'm hoping for a little more interest next year. Maybe some format changes would really make it even a more exciting event."


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